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At Essential Vitality our goal is to provide you with first rate information. Vitality is so important to our quality of life. Without it, we're not living up to our potential mentally or physically and the example that it sets for our families.

In our life experience, there is a lot of help to allow us to improve our health. Through exercise, proper diet and natural products, we were able to improve our health and extend our lives, play tennis, golf and operate a business well into our seventies. Now in my eighties, I still operate several businesses although I find that I can no longer do the more strenuous types of exercise or heavy work. Whether you're on a weight loss program or into bodybuilding or just a general health program, there are certain things you need to know. We hope that we can pass along some of the knowledge that we have acquired.

First, determine what your goals are and then look for products that will help you achieve those goals. On our website, we cover information on multi-vitamins, weight loss, herbs, cleanses and books on health. Our goal is to present safe, efficacious ways for you to achieve your health goals. The information that we have gathered falls into three broad categories which we outline below. For greater detail, go to the specific page that interests you.

Getting knowledge

Most of us have been on weight loss programs at some time in our lives, but because our lack of knowledge, we usually choose a fad diet that led to weight gain when we returned to our "normal" eating patterns. It is important that we change our eating patterns so that this doesn't happen. Herbal supplements can help us lose weight and be able to maintain our new weight. Without diet and exercise, herbal supplements by themselves cannot facilitate muscle growth.

Man with barbellsSome medicinal herbs can increase a person's testosterone levels when combined with a low fat diet and exercise. This can lead to improved stamina and muscle growth. Muscle growth will improve the body's stress response. Using an exercise program will help you develop a strong and healthy body. Or you can just get in shape or get your youthful body back. Be sure to do your research and choose the best program to achieve your goals.

From time to time, we decide to improve our general lifestyle. Your lifestyle and general health are key components. Finding an acceptable regimen is essential to optimize your efforts. When choosing your therapies, make sure that nothing conflicts with any medication, herb or food that you may be taking. Your medical practitioner can help in this regard.

Herb plants in pots

Herbs are botanical plants. We humans have used herbs for millenia for their healing properties. We still use herbs for the same reasons as our ancestors. The efficacious properties of herbs make them excellent dietary supplements as well as for their many healing properties. We have used herbal preparations for many years with excellent results. Be sure to read labels carefully. They are a mine of information from the ingredients in a particular product to dosage size.               

Because each of us is different, you should always do your homework and check with your medical practitioner before starting a new health regimen. On these pages, we briefly cover information pertaining to vitamins, weight loss, herbal supplements, organ cleanses and books on health. Our goal is to present to you with safe, efficious ways to achieve your health goals. We have researched each of these areas and have attempted to simplify and make your decision-making smoother and as successful as possible.


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 Weight loss

The Weight Loss page is designed to simplify how you manage your meals. As well, it will help you to devise and manage an exercise program tailored to you. Finally, it will help you to choose the right nutritional food supplement. Each of us is different and the managed meal programs must reflect this reality. We also suggest how to select appropriate books, videos and other media that will help you plan delicious, portion managed meals as well as all the other concerns that go with it.  

Herbal Care

Herbal supplements are an excellent source of nutritional supplementation. Most of us take a multi-vitamin regularly, and herbal supplements are an excellent alternative to more conventional nutritional supplements. There are certain vitamins that are specific for certain types of conditions, ie. extra Vitamin D for those who live in cloudy and cold climates and for those who are unable to get into the sun on a regular basis. There are herbal remedies for most mild conditions. 

Organ Cleanse

There are many types of organ cleanses that are for different organs in the body. The most important are the liver and pancreas which have specific functions within our digestive systems. So doing an organ cleanse makes your body function better. The liver and the pancreas are the two hardest working organs in the body. Most importantly, the pancreas produces insulin which regulates blood sugar levels and probiotics for digestion. The liver is the body's chemical factory producing all sorts of hormones and other secretions that regulate a plethora of bodily functions. It behooves us to make sure these organs are functioning at the highest level. Without all the body's organs functioning properly, all the nutritional food supplements and weight loss programs are not going to do what we want them to. As well, there are organ cleanses specifically designed for men and women. 


Nutritional food supplements are the best way to get all your nutritional reguirements. Vitamins are like insurance: they ensure that we get our basic nutritional requirements because the body does not make all the nutrients that we need for good health. Our food should provide all those nutrients, unfortunately that is not always the case. Without vitamins, we are subject to many medical conditions. On the Vitamin page we have information specifically for women, men, children, pre-natal women and vegetarians. Each group has unique requirements that must be addressed for good health and long life.